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Broadband Speeds

Finding the best Internet speed for your Entertainment

It isn't an easy task to find the best Internet speed for your entertainment needs. In fact, it can be a bit confusing trying to decipher what Internet speeds are best for your audio files compared to your visual files. You can go for the fastest Internet speed out there and hope for the best or you can do a little bit research and talk to others who have downloaded similar files. For example the typical broadband speeds while running on digital subscriber line is way faster than the old dial-up telephone lines used when the Internet first was utilized by the public. Internet speeds vary due to a number of factors.

  • Network issues
  • Modem issues
  • Browser issues
  • Design flaws
  • Normal limits on speed
  • Technical issues, such as security breaches

You should understand that typical dsl speeds can also vary due to traffic and downtime within the connected network. They can also be restricted by the network itself or when the broadband frequency is limited to a certain speed. Dsl and Cable connections are two of the most common connections most residents have. Wireless and Satellite connections are becoming more and more prevalent however with the advent of mobile devices.

What can I download?

With your typical digital subscriber line, you should be able to download music and movies effortlessly. You do however have to watch the megabits per second (Mbps) and your computers' storage capacity limits. All computers come with Mbps of 1 to 4 when they sign up for basic Internet service. This is the lowest speed and only allows you to download and run older movies with no streaming capabilities. Shared computers in this category can crash unexpectedly and new high definition movies won't run properly at these low speeds.

What is the perfect speed to download a movie?

If you want to know how fast to download a movie, you need to know two things. The first important thing is how much space (gigabytes) the movie will take on your computer. If your movie will take too much space, you may have some issues even downloading it. The second and equally important thing is the broadband speed. If it's not compatible with the newer technology, it will fail.

  • Low Internet speeds-O.5 Mbps for older versions of made for TV movies and videos or 1.5 Mbps for most analog movies and TV shows
  • Medium Internet speeds-3.0 Mbps for Standard Definition (SD) quality movies and TV shows.
  • High Internet speeds- 5.0 Mbps for High Definition (HD) quality movies and TV shows.

Internet speed does matter. Wireless and Satellite connections do offer faster speeds than typical dsl connections even though most companies and residents often use dsl as a way to connect with the Internet.

Are there any restrictions on how many movies I can download?

This depends on how much storage space you have on your computer. It also depends on your bandwidth and broadband speeds. Typically you may only be able to download a few movies if they are high definition and you don't have the space for them. You also need to watch for compatibility with your Media Player system.

What is the perfect speed to download a song?

Downloading a song is quicker than downloading a typical movie file. There are however licensing requirements for some songs that make it a bit difficult to download. There are no hard and fast rules about how fast to download a song, as it typically takes less than a minute unless there are major issues with the website or service.

Are there any restrictions on how many songs I can download?

This depends on how much space you have on your Media Player. Some Media Players allow you to store and play upward to 2,000 songs. Others, since they have other media in them may only allow you to store 1,000.

Finding the best Internet speeds for your entertainment can be as simple as deciding whether you are just an occasional movie watcher or someone who loves movies. The sky is the limit in regards to Internet speed. The faster the Internet speed, the more you can do electronically and the more entertainment you get.

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