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The Equipment Needed for VoIP Service

Many people are opting for VoIP phone service. There are several advantages to switching to a VoIP phone service, but there are a few pieces of equipment needed to operate a VoIP phone. Here is a detailed overview of everything you need to start communicating with an Internet based phone.

What Equipment Is Needed For VoIP?

You cannot talk on the phone without a headset or telephone. Large businesses usually require multiple phones and lines to manage incoming and outgoing calls. The phone line will require a high-speed Internet connection. The computer will need a modem. If there is more than one computer in the home, a router will be needed to separate computers. VoIP service can work with a slow Internet connection, but broadband connections are recommended for clear calls.

What Phones Are Needed?

A traditional landline phone will work with VoIP service, but the phone will not work without an Analog Telephone Adapter. The adapter must be able to receive and transfer an Internet signal. A VoIP telephone plugs into the mic and audio jacks on the computer. Many people prefer headsets because they are hands-free, but some homes and offices still use a landline with VoIP phone service.

What Is the Average Price of the Equipment?

The cost of VoIP equipment varies, but most of the equipment is generally inexpensive. The price of the equipment will differ based on the brand and model, and the device usually includes simple set up instructions. The equipment might require connecting the cables to the computer via USB cords or with color coded connectors.

If there are problems connecting to the Internet after the equipment is installed, the broadband connection might not be fast enough. Turning off the webcam while on a call often results in better call quality. VoIP users should contact their Internet service provider if the connection continues to drop during the call. Customer service can offer suggestions on improving Internet speed, and the VoIP provider will usually suggest upgrading to a faster Internet package. Users who are using dial-up should consider switching to broadband Internet.

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