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Get Big Business Features with Small Business VOIP Services

Voice over IP technology delivers phone services that make your business competitive. Before you sign up for an expensive business line from your local phone company, use VOIP services to get save money and gain the communications edge you need to stay on top of your market.

What is VOIP

Voice over IP technology has revolutionized communications by using data networks to carry voice services. By doing this, VOIP has introduced competition in the voice communications industry, providing low-cost service with features that once belonged only to large corporations.


In the past, the ability to connect multiple locations into a single unified phone system belonged only to large corporations who could afford expensive phone company services such as leased lines. Now any business can connect multiple remote offices using VOIP.

Small businesses can easily perform VOIP setup because IP phones connect to available data network connections, rather than traditional phone jacks. Additionally, special software can turn computers into "softphones," making it possible for businesses to harness a global workforce with a minimal cost.


VOIP allows multiple communications media to merge on a single platform. Business applications on the market can handle phone calls, voice mail, video conferencing, conference calls, fax and email from a single interface, making a computer more flexible than ever. Software applications called Soft Phones make it possible for a business to altogether avoid physical telephones, saving money and unifying distributed workforces.

Virtual PBX

Large phone systems, called Private Branch Exchanges (PBX), have powerful communications features, but were available only to large corporate enterprises. With the advent of VOIP, virtual PBX systems have become available, without a costly investment in infrastructure. Businesses can set up VOIP PBX services easily, with the help of their service providers.

Clear Voice Calls

VOIP technology provides the framework for high-quality voice calls, eliminating the noise associated with legacy phone services. Modern routers, equipped with quality of service (QoS) capabilities, maintain high-quality voice calls, even during peak data usage on the same network.

VOIP Providers

The growing number of VOIP providers means that the features and services you need for your business are available. Business owners and managers should shop around to find the combination of features and price that fits their needs.

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