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Why Broadband

Broadband Is the Best and Fastest Way to Bring the Internet Into Your Home

If you have heard the term broadband used in conversation, via the television, or in any other context, yet you aren't quite sure just what it is, you are not alone. Featuring high speeds, probably comes as little surprise that it is the most common form that Internet users choose to gain speedy access to their favorite websites and other typical broadband uses, which include streaming content and playing online games.

What Are the Different Forms of Broadband?

The precursor to this exciting entry into the Internet and all it offers was dial-up, which slow, to be generous. However, you have to start somewhere, and dial-up was fine for everyone to get their feet wet, but along came broadband in all of its impressive four forms, which are the following:

  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
  • Fiber Optic
  • Cable
  • Satellite

Each of those four types work well to support most of the typical broadband uses.

Why Do You Need This Technology?

The Internet has grown over the past decades to become an ingrained part of just about everyone's lives. Whether people need Internet access for school projects, to communicate with employers or clients while working at home, to order gifts for friends far away, or to order something online that you can't find near home, you need speedy access to the Internet.

Add in the other typical broadband uses that provide more fun and leisure, and you will appreciate the fast technology this choice offers you.

What Is VOIP?

The most basic and official answer to the question "what is VOIP?" is that it stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it serves to deliver various technologies filtration of voice communications into one setting. When people, often business professionals explore what is VOIP, they discover the importance of Internet telephony to improve their business communications. Internet telephony simply means that certain communications take place over an IP address rather than the office telephone system.

What Is Content Streaming?

What is content streaming is live content that flows through the Internet, which delivers that live content to the proper, or requesting, delivery address.

A Few Examples of Content Streaming to Serve as a Guide

A few of the most popular examples of content streaming include videos, audio clips and full streaming services, and screen captures.

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