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Third Party Controllers

Finding the Best Third Party Controllers for Less

While top name manufactures like Rock Candy and Mad Catz can offer a range of quality third party controllers to choose from, cheaper equipment and controllers that may be lower quality are rarely able to provide the same features and level of durability as their official counterparts. Console gamers often take performance very seriously and are hard on their equipment. Investing in third party controllers and other devices that may be of higher quality will ensure that you are able to make the most of your purchase.

Cheaper Options for Replacing Broken or Lost Controllers

Controllers that have outlived their usefulness may leave gamers seeking to find a replacement that will meet their needs without exceeding their budget. The higher cost of official equipment can become a real issue for those who have only limited finances with which to make their purchase. Third party controllers that can provide a similar experience, comparable performance and access to the same features as their more expensive counterparts can provide a more attractive option and a greater overall value.

Stocking Up On Extra Controllers

Having a spare controller handy means that an equipment issue will not have to interfere with your game time. Access to additional controllers can also provide the means to play games designed with more than one or two players in mind. Quality equipment and third party controllers that may be more affordable makes owning a spare controller much easier. Even equipment that may only offer a limited range of performance and features may be more then good enough for visiting players and the occasional friend who may wish to join in on the action.

Making Smarter Purchases

Affordable controllers and equipment that can be found for a lower price can differ greatly in terms of quality and playability depending on the model and manufacturer. Sticking to equipment made by Rock Candy, Mad Catz and other established manufactures can allow you to avoid the issues and limitations are so common when dealing with lower quality devices and poorly made controllers. Keeping an eye out for quality and shopping for the best made devices will ensure you make the right choice when it comes time to purchase your third party controller.

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