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Alternative Video Game Consoles

Discover new options in the video game world

Thanks in large part to crowdfunding efforts which financed product development and research, the recent months have seen a growing number of alternative video game consoles hit the market. With gamers pretty much stuck with a choice between the Xbox, PlayStation or Wii, console developers have made a push towards diversifying the market and creating more choice for consumers. The alternative video game consoles which are now commercially available have a few common features which differentiate them from their mainstream competition:

  • They have comparatively small dimensions.
  • They offer multimedia streaming capabilities.
  • Through Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, they offer cloud gaming capabilities.

Also, they are all very inexpensive, compared to their bigger-selling counterparts. Discover the features of these new, exciting products and give your gaming experience a new look.

Top Alternative Gaming Consoles

Here are some products to check out if you're interested in alternative gaming consoles:

  • OUYA. After benefitting from an $8 million crowdfunding campaign, OUYA runs on a unique version of the Android operating system. With wireless controllers and an HDMI TV-screen interface, the user controls are similar to what you'd find in an Xbox or PlayStation, and users can play all the titles in the Google PlayStore library as well as a growing list of proprietary games. Every available game is also available free of charge for a trial period, so you can eliminate guesswork completely prior to purchase.
  • GameStick. About the size of a flash drive, GameStick is one of the most revolutionary alternative gaming consoles on the market. Like OUYA, the GameStick was developed as the direct result of a crowdfunding campaign and is very easy to play. Just plug it into the host television and you're ready to access a large library of online titles. Best of all, the GameStick offers ultimate portability. If you want to play it at a friend's house, just put it in your pocket and plug it into the TV's HDMI port when you get there.
  • NVIDIA Shield. The NVIDIA brand has been around for a while, and it's one of the major players in the computer hardware industry. The company's Shield console is a hybrid of a handheld console and fully functional game controller, and has the ability to stream games directly from any Internet-connected PC, which the Shield links to wirelessly. This feature makes it one of the most attractive options on the market to gamers who are looking to enjoy the greatest possible range of titles.
  • Wikipad 7. The Wikipad combines a 7-inch tablet screen with a joystick docking station, giving you arcade-like controls in a small, light, and portable package. Also running the Android operating system, players get full access to Google's game library and an impressive collection of tech specs to boot. The Wikipad 7 as a fast 1.4 gigahertz quad core processor, Bluetooth connectivity and a 1200 x 800 display that renders sharp, clean images without motion blur.
  • Madcatz M.O.J.O. One of the best things this new entry has going for it is that the Madcatz brand name already carries some clout in the world of gaming accessories and peripheral devices. The new M.O.J.O. console is slated for release in late 2013 and has similar functionality to the OUYA system, while offering 16 gigabytes of storage with expansion capabilities.

As the alternative gaming market grows and as the capabilities of cloud gaming continue to expand, you can expect to see more and more similar products hitting the market. Technological innovations happen quickly in this day and age. We're only seeing the beginning of a world of virtually limitless possibilities.

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