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The Interesting Case of the 3DO Gaming

The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, often known as the 3DO, was a home video game console produced by Panasonic. With a United States release date of October 4, 1993, The 3DO Company became a part of home gaming history, although its high cost and questionable marketing tactics caused the console to fall down into the bins of failed efforts. Although Time magazine named it "1993 Product of the Year" and the console contained features held by no other gaming console at the time, the 3DO only stayed in production for roughly three years.


The 3DO was a 32-bit CD-based unit. It contained only one controller port, but was able to hold up to eight controllers by daisy chaining the controllers to each other. 3DO controllers also contained volume control and a headphone jack. The Gamegun was the sole light gun for the 3DO, and both Panasonic and Logitech made a mouse for the 3DO. The steering wheel was also released for the 3DO along with a memory expansion unit and karaoke mixer. Due to the licensing method 3DO employed, the system was able to be manufactured by different companies. Alongside the best known Panasonic versions were the Goldstar, Sanyo and Creative 3DO that contained slightly varied features.


Arcade or PC game ports such as Myst, Alone in the Dark and Star Control II were the most successful games for 3DO. Super Street Fighter II Turbo also did exceptionally well, along with other titles such as Jurassic Park Interactive, The Need for Speed, Crash 'n Burn and Road Rash. 3DO also released interactive movie-style gameplay titles such as Mad Dog McCree, Night Trap and The Daedalus Encounter for a less favorable response.


The 3DO got a varied range of responses ranging from Time's "1993 Product of the Year" to the "Worst Console Launch of 1993" by Electronic Gaming Monthly. Game Pro gave the 3DO a "thumbs sideways" and suggested waiting to see if the game library would expand. During its time of launch, the Commodore Amiga, Nintendo SNES, Atari Jaguar, NEC TurboGrafx-16 and Sega Genesis were contenders of the 3DO, and the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation would be the home gaming choices at its wake.

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