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Game Design School Applications

Tips for Video Game College Applications

Preparing a college application to a video game college is one of the most important first steps to a rewarding career in the video game industry. Schools of game design tend to be small and focused with relatively few spots available. This makes delivering a high-quality application even more important.

Follow the Greats

As a game enthusiast, you probably have a selection of games you consider to be some of the best you have played. It is worth the effort to do some extra research not on these games, but on their developers. Where did the people hired by these great companies to make these great games come from? There are many video game design school options out there, and narrowing that list before you begin sending out applications is a must. Where you go to school is important, and the proof of a school's success isn't in their statistics, advertisements or tuition costs; it's in their graduates.

Include a Meaningful Essay

The personal essay is one of the most important parts of a college application. This essay should be both real and personal for the writer. Students that try too hard to make a "perfect" essay or an essay aimed to impress the admissions office are actually decreasing their chances of being accepted. The admissions office isn't looking to be blown away by your endeavors for world peace or how your loving parents were your greatest support. While you can certainly mention your family and accomplishments if those are important, the goal of your essay is to show yourself as a student and explain your interest in the college you are applying to. The admissions staff that reviews your essay is looking for a student they feel will be a good fit for their college and be successful. Since this is for game design, talking about your passion and experience with games is obviously important.

The Right Recommendations

Recommendations are too often overlooked by students. In fact, your recommendations may be the most important part of your application. Every person on your recommendations list should fit all of the following criteria.

  1. They have known you for more than two years
  2. They have been a part of your school or professional life
  3. They know you well enough to speak with authority on your character
  4. They are not directly related to you

Past teachers, supervisors or mentors all fit the list well. If you personally know someone in the gaming industry that is a major plus as well, but you should be sure they fit the above criteria.

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