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5 Jobs for Gamers

If you're looking for a job in the game industry, there are a number of different options available. No matter what your interest or skill set, you can probably find a job in the gaming industry that is a great match for your skills.


Game designers determine the design and concept of a video or computer game. They decide on the look and feel of a game and choose the storyline for a game. Some people in this role also work to maintain plans for the different teams working on a game and coordinate to bring all of the different pieces of the process together. This role is a glamorous one, and it can also be very exciting because people in this role get to directly influence games that are on the market.


Programmers work to write the actual code that makes up a video game. In addition to coding, programmers also work on debugging, or fixing bugs and other issues in the game to make sure it works properly. Programmers get to bring the look and feel of the game to life so people can play it.


Sound designers bring together the music and other audio effects you hear in a video game. If you have memories of some of your favorite video game music from childhood, you can thank a sound designer for creating them. Although this role is less recognized than the role of designers and programmers, it plays an important role in the game industry.


Artists create the look of video game product packaging and the graphics in the games themselves. Artists can bring beloved characters to life and influence what the setting of a video game looks like. Game artists get to be very creative, making this a great job choice for those interested in creative arts.

Web Development

Web developers work to develop websites and other online platforms. Web developers can work to create online games or materials that promote other computer or video games. Web developers have an exciting role because they work to create an online following for a particular game.

With the wide variety of jobs available in the game industry, there is something to suit nearly everyone's skills. Browse the job opportunities available now to find your next great opportunity.

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