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Features of the Wii U

The Wii U is one of the most interesting consoles to come along in quite some time. Nintendo has tried to add a lot more features to this console in an attempt to attract some of the hardcore gamers that were underwhelmed by the original Wii's simplicity. Here is a look at some of the most exciting features this system has to offer:

Nintendo TVii

This is the best integration of TV and a gaming console to be released thus far. TVii allows users to access multiple video-streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix. In addition, it allows the handheld controller to provide additional information about the program that is being watched. For example, viewers can see the score of other games on the Gamepad while they are watching a game on the main screen. They can also use the customization features of TVii to create lists of their favorite programs.

WaraWara Plaza

This is really neat feature that helps to bring together users of the Wii U from all over the world. When users boot up the console, WaraWara Plaza opens up to show them what their friends are doing. All of a user's friends' Mii avatars are shown in the Plaza. It shows the games they are playing and any comments they have made.

NFC Support

One of the most exciting features is the near-field communications (NFC) support that the handheld Gamepad controllers are equipped with. NFC support allows users to instantly transmit data to and from the Gamepads. This feature allows users to share data with friends easily.

TV Remote

One of the most convenient features of the Gamepad controller is that it can also be used as a remote control for your television. This allows users to use the touch screen on the Gamepad to control every aspect of their home theater systems. They can change channels, adjust the volume, and switch inputs without having to reach for a separate remote control device.

Video Chat

One feature generating a lot of excitement for Wii U users is video chat. Users can use the Gamepads to chat with other users through the Internet connectivity the device offers. Aside from video chat, users can also use the device to text their friends.

Motion Controls

Perhaps the most popular feature of the original Wii was the motion control capability of the controllers. Nintendo has brought that back in the Gamepads for this system. They have built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers that offer responsive motion controls.

Club Nintendo

Another very popular feature of the original Wii was the ability to purchase popular Nintendo titles from previous generations of Nintendo gaming consoles. Players can do that once again with Club Nintendo. They receive some free Nintendo Coins to spend at Club Nintendo for purchasing the console, and they can purchase more Nintendo Coins to shop with if they wish to buy more titles.

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