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The Best Gaming Console Just Got Better

The Sony Playstation 4 is billed to be an immersive, powerful and gamer-friendly platform that is destined to usher in a new generation of entertainment. Time will tell whether gamers accept this claim, but things are looking good so far. This monster in a box comes with an 8-core processor, a Radeon graphics card, and an optical DVD drive.

Power, Performance and Price

The power under the hood is nothing short of extraordinary, and you can expect games to quickly take a giant leap forward as a result. Online as well as offline gaming will be smoother, faster, and enjoyed with fewer glitches. Graphics will be crisp and vivid for even the most intensive games, and there will be plenty of power left over to accommodate future expansion.

The price is not cheap. A standalone player costs more than $300 and bundles are significantly higher. Shopping around and taking advantage of holiday season incentives, deals, and discounts will most certainly bring the list price down.

A Giant Leap Forward in Gaming

This is the first major release that Sony has rolled out in more than 6 years, and gamers are waiting with baited breath. The Playstation 4 is slated to hit shelves around the end of November. Online pre-ordering will most certainly be the best way to ensure that consumers get their system before the holidays.

It will support a full range of existing software as well as new titles. Sony is introducing a limited amount of discounted bundles to serve as an added incentive. Some can be purchased for less than $30 per month and include bonus points and other sweeteners to encourage people to sign up.

There is no doubt that the Playstation is a legendary, stable, and timeless product with a global fan base. This latest version is a significant leap forward that is intended to keep gamers happy for the next few years. However, this product is largely untested on a grand scale and there will inevitably be some glitches and snags.

Get it Now or Later?

Some are happy to grab the first units that roll off of the assembly line while others are content to wait a few months. Only you can decide what works best for you and your expectations. Just remember that this is a reliable brand from a legendary company that has been providing gaming excellence for decades. The biggest decision you should be considering is whether or not you want to shell out a few hundred bucks now or later.

This new system, including Playstation Move, is not an upgrade. This is an entirely new and super-charged gaming platform that will allow gaming technology to blossom like never before. Expect it to be the new standard in gaming for quite some time, and don't think twice about investing in one for yourself before initial supplies disappear.

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