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PlayStation TV Allows Gamers to Make the Most of Their Microconsole

PS TV offers a way to incorporate your microconsole into an existing entertainment center in order to provide quick and easy access to the PlayStation Store as well as a range of games and titles. From 1080i resolution and graphics to remote play options that will allow you to access a wider variety of features and games, making the most of a handheld device is a concern that no gamer can afford to dismiss. PS TV utilizes your existing controllers and display, allowing you to use your microconsole in the same was as a full-sized gaming system.

Taking Your Microconsole to The Next Level

Portable devices provide big entertainment in a small package. Gamers who think being able to play when on the go is the only thing a microconsole is good for could be missing out on a lot. PS TV allows you to use your device in concert with an existing entertainment system in order to access a full range of titles, play head to head against other gamers and even make purchases from the online store. The remote play options, superior 1080i resolution display and full-size controllers that can be used with your handheld through PS TV can provide you with a more enjoyable and feature-rich gaming experience.

Investing in the Best Features and Equipment

Console gaming can be an expensive hobby. By making smarter purchases and investing in the equipment, devices and options able to provide greater value, it may be possible to avoid additional expenses. PS TV makes use of your existing equipment and setup in order to allow your portable device to provide you with the best gaming experience possible. Purchasing an additional console or playing with a handheld that lacks the features and support that only the best options have to offer is rarely the most attractive option for gamers who are trying to stay within their budget.

Creating a Superior Entertainment System

The best features, equipment and options are of paramount concern when creating an entertainment system that will be able to provide you with greater satisfaction. Console enthusiasts would be wise to create setup that has a wider range of features or that will provide access to a greater number of remote play games, titles and services. PS TV allows you to create a superior entertainment system, one that can more easily be adapted to your handheld console.

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