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Revolutionary New Technology with the PS4

With the upcoming release of next-gen gaming consoles, fans around the world will line up to be the first to get ahold of the new PlayStation gaming system. The PlayStation 4 is the first console release from Sony since the PlayStation 3 in 2006, a system that has millions of users around the world. But the PS4 isn't just a new cool-looking case or controller. There are plenty of PlayStation 4 features in this next-gen system that will change the way video games are played. Here is a look into some of those features and what you can come to expect from one of the most anticipated video game console releases of our generation.

Personalized Gaming Content

The PlayStation Network online store is one of the best places to find games, movies, and apps that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The PS4 is going to take the PSN and PSN Plus networks to the next level and learn about each individual user and their preferences. This will allow a more detailed and tailored experience for each user, enhancing the overall pleasure of the console. This means no more sifting through countless titles that you'll never play; you're likely to find a few games that you never would've considered but it matches other games that you play. For those that love collecting in-game trophies, you can expect to see those displayed in your personalized dashboard to show off to all of your friends. Whatever the case, the PlayStation Network store is looking to make a complete overhaul of how you look at online gaming.

PlayStation Vita Compatibility

PlayStation fans know what it's like to be in the middle of a game and then have to leave your console right in the least opportune time. Luckily, the PlayStation 4 will allow users to sync their gaming system with their handheld PlayStation Vita console. Furthermore, users can expect other Sony products, such as tablets and Blu-ray players, to sync together as well. Sony is looking to give your home a complete entertainment package, with all of their products running together smoothly. This is great news for gaming fans who want to be able to play their games wherever they are on the best technology available.


Speaking of technology, it's also worth noting what's inside the PlayStation 4. This system will offer some of the best technology available with lightning quick processors and unmatched graphics. The PS4 will have an AMD Jaguar processor with 8 cores and an AMD Radeon Graphics Card. Combine this with the Blu-ray and DVD optical drive, and you can be sure Sony keeps its customers in mind when looking to offer the best technology available for gamers.

Not only will the PlayStation 4have a ton of great components, but it'll also have a bevy of games available from the day the console is launched. All of this goes into a system that looks to take the gaming world by storm. Fans of PlayStation will be happy to see this most recent release of gaming system and get the amazing PS experience they have come to know and love.

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