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The Best Games of the PlayStation 4 Launch Window

November 15 brings a new era of gaming. When the PS4 goes on sale, gamers everywhere will be spending their time getting used to the new system and relishing a whole new set of fantastic games. The Playstation 4 promises to entertain for years to come, and one of the main reasons is the games. All of the gaming categories are represented in the PlayStation 4 launch window lineup.

PlayStation 4 Exclusive: Killzone: Shadow Fall

Guerrilla Games's Killzone series will be one of the titles offered in bundle packages on release day, and likely one of the most-played games in those first few weeks. Taking place after the events of Killzone 3, this title's gorgeous graphics and new engine promise hours of fast-paced entertainment with both multi- and single-player modes available.

Shooter: Battlefield 4

The latest iteration of the Battlefield saga, Battlefield 4 will be released on October 29 for most consoles, but serves as a launch title on the PlayStation 4 with a more powerful physics engine and updated graphics not found on the PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360. The game continues the series' tradition of immersive gameplay and teamwork-oriented combat.

Multiplayer: Although Battlefield 4 and Killzone both promise fantastic multiplayer experiences, the most sought-after title is PlanetSide 2. The massive shooter is online only, and features hundreds of players at once in a single match. The action never dies down and the bullets never stop flying in this game, which is ported to the PS4 from the PC.

Racing: The Crew looks to be one of the best driving and racing titles coming out on the PlayStation 4, offering a team- or solo-based play environment. The player has to perform missions in order to rank up, whether that involves winning a race or taking down a rival vehicle. If a mission becomes too hard, seamless integration from single- to multi-player makes this title one to look out for.

RPG: While no exclusive RPGs have been announced just yet, PlayStation 3 had one of the greatest lineups of RPGs in recent years. Gamers will be able to play Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn on their PS4, with a free transfer from the PS3. Offering a massively immersive multi-player online experience, Final Fantasy 14 will satisfy those role-play cravings until more titles are announced.

While no fighters have yet been announced, gamers can expect to see their favorite titles find iterations on the PlayStation 4 in due time. Developers like to find out the full extent of the engines and possibilities available before creating a game that relies so heavily on physics. Therefore, most fighter games will be announced a few months after release. The other genres are well represented, and gamers have much to look forward to in this new generation of consoles. Happy gaming!

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