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An Overview of PS NOW

PS NOW is a cloud gaming service that offers users the opportunity to pay in order to get access to a wide selection of original PlayStation 3 games with a subscription or on a per-game basis. Non-PlayStation devices have been designed and are best played with a specific interface in mind. The Dualshock interface and a Dualshock controller are the best devices to use to get the best gaming experience with this type of system. PlayStation systems are best used with their respective game controller rather than a Dualshock controller. It is recommended that players have an internet connection of 5 Mbps to achieve what is considered to be good performance.

PlayStation Now made its debut in January 2014. It was launched in Open Beta in the United States and Canada in July 2014. It eventually became popular in many other countries, such as Europe and the United Kingdom. Last December, it was announced that PlayStation would expand to the other brands that sell electronic devices.

As of now, all of the games that are currently available to stream in PlayStation Now are PlayStation 3 games. There are currently over 400 games that allow users to stream games on the PlayStation Now Open Beta service. As of this time in 2015, new games are constantly being added each week. Also as of this year, there are two different ways that are offered to players for streaming games. Players can stream games through a subscription based service such as Netflix. This option gives users unlimited access to all games that are covered by the service. The other option users have is to rent games on an individual basis. If this method of streaming is chosen, games are usually available to rent in four different time-frames. This includes a 4-hour period, a 7-hour period, a 30 day period, and a 90 period. Two different pricing options are available to users living in North America. To use the subscription service as of 2015, it costs $19.99 for a period of one month and $44.99 to use the service for a period of three months.

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