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The 4 Best Features of the PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita is a handheld gaming device that became the successor to the PlayStation Portable when it was officially released in February 2012. The PS Vita advanced mobile gaming in ways most people thought would never be possible. These are the four best features on the PS Vita that make it the best mobile gaming device ever released.

High Definition Display

Mobile gaming was revolutionized when the PS Vita released its high definition 5-inch display. All of the games played on the PS Vita were able to have graphics that rivaled the PlayStation 3. This was a highly important feature in order to succeed with so many people turning to mobile gaming on their phones. Nobody will choose a mobile gaming device when they can get better graphics on their phone, but that is no longer the case thanks to the PS Vita.

Remote Play

The high quality graphics and display on the PS Vita also allows the device to provide remote play for select PS3 and PS4 games. The PS Vita easily connects to the PS3 or PS4 to act as a second screen. Once you turn off the console, you can continue progressing through your game on the PS Vita. This means that you will never be forced to lose your spot in a game just because you have to leave the house. Thanks to the great display on the PS Vita, you will not have to sacrifice graphics when playing on the go.

Backwards Compatibility

In addition to being able to remotely play PS3 and PS4 games, the PS Vita also features backwards compatibility for PSP and PlayStation One games. This back compatibility is achieved digitally through the PlayStation Network. Once you access the PlayStation Network, there will be a list of PSP and PS One games that can be downloaded directly to your PS Vita. This is a great way to go back and play some of the classic games that you may have missed when they were first released. Since the PS Vita has two analog sticks, the controls should be the same as the original game.

Two Cameras

There is a .3 megapixel camera located in the front and back of the PS Vita. In addition to taking pictures, the cameras are also able to film video at 60 frames/second. You can easily send these pictures and videos to your friends, upload them online or copy them to your computer.

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