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Microsoft continues tradition of gaming innovation

On November 22, Microsoft's new Xbox One is poised to change the way we view gaming and entertainment in general. Continuing a tradition of innovation in gaming consoles and software, the Xbox One will feature a host of upgrades and new surprises including:

Kinect 2.0

  • Facial and voice recognition software
  • Live streaming with Twitch.TV

The Kinect 2.0 will be able to scan the faces of users, recognize who is using the console, and adjust accordingly - even returning to where you left off the last time you shut down the system.

Under the hood are a powerful 8-core CPU running at 1.75 GHz and a 853 MHz GPU that will allow gamers to run cutting-edge games with ease. However, the console was designed with more ambitious goals. Microsoft built the Xbox One with the intent to make it an all-in-one center for all of your entertainment needs.

The SNAP feature will allow users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously with their Xbox. A few examples of what could be possible with SNAP:

  • Make a Skype call to a friend while watching TV
  • Surf the internet for tips while playing a game
  • Listen to your music during gameplay

All of this is made possible with the help of an impressive 8 GB of RAM, which will enable multitasking with no loss of performance. Another technology which will keep the Xbox relevant for years to come is the support of cloud computing, meaning, certain processes will be handled by the company's cloud server hosting to ease the burden on your hardware even more.

The next generation of Xbox hasn't forgotten the core gamer audience. Microsoft has promised dedicated servers for every multiplayer game, which means more reliable connections and no unfair advantages for hosts of multiplayer matches. Users will also be able to record and upload their favorite gameplay moments or stream them live with Twitch for friends to see. Those who enjoy playing online but don't like dealing with troublesome players will be pleased with the new reputation system, which gives players a rating based on how they interact with others. Players who are muted or banned often will have their reputation suffer, allowing others to avoid playing with them.  

The Xbox One will be available on November 22nd. Buyers who pre-ordered the console will receive Day One versions. These special editions come with a variety of bonuses, including a Day One 2013 decal on the controller, and access to exclusive content from a number of launch titles that can only be unlocked with a pre-order.

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