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Learn How the Xbox Helped Shaped Major Trends for the Console Industry

Since the days of the earliest consoles, the most successful products released have played a key role in shaping the industry as a whole. From more sophisticated controllers to features like on-line play and breakthrough advances like the motion-sensing Kinect that offers players a whole new style of play, flagship product releases and the most successful innovations have played a key role in defining the history and future of console gaming. Since it was first released in 2001, the history of the Xbox has had a major influence on the trends, technology and features incorporated in each successive generation of devices.

The Earliest Days of Console Gaming

Consoles have been on the market a lot longer than many gamers realize. Crude machines and simple gaming systems have been around since the 1970's. Poor quality games and features that failed to provide players with an enhanced gaming experience led to an industry-wide crash that could have been the end of home gaming. Within a decade, more sophisticated eight-bit systems brought about a revival of an industry that has continued to grow and expand throughout the next twenty years.

The Beginning of Contemporary Gaming

A new breed of home gaming systems was poised to hit the market by the end of the 1990's. CD's that offered superior storage than gaming cartridges, graphics that were a world ahead of what was previously available from top-end systems and even more advanced controllers that provided players with more sophisticated game play marked the start of a new era for the console industry. The earliest versions of today's top-selling systems began to hit the market, allowing players to enjoy a gaming experience that was superior in every way to older systems and devices.

The Future of Gaming

As technology continues to advance, contemporary consoles are able to incorporate a range of new services and options with each new system that is released. From online play to access to streaming video services, today's console is a sophisticated full-featured entertainment system designed to seamless integrate any number of online services and resources. Motion sensing controllers, like the Kinect, offer a glimpse of what the future of home gaming may look like. With more sophisticated performance options and peripherals, home console systems are poised to break free of the constraints and limitations of conventional interfaces, which may allow gamers to experience a greater range of options and experiences than they could have imagined.

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