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Xbox One Soars Beyond Gaming

The Xbox One transcends gaming with the merging of both a traditional Xbox OS and the Windows OS. Though games are still a high-quality aspect of the new Xbox, users will enjoy several additions to the system. The new console offers a customized home screen that's available remotely, pass-thru technology that allows access to TV and internet without switching inputs, and a host of new hi-tech features. To access a lot of the features, an Xbox Live account is needed. Xbox has made it simple to create one. All you need is an e-mail address, and you can create a new Yahoo account or use an existing e-mail in order to do this. In short, Xbox has designed a device that enhances the television by combining a powerful computer and gaming console in one.


The brand's motto is that the new Xbox is "built by gamers, for gamers." The highly-rated games utilize advanced AI, which actually adapts to players by recording their moves in the cloud. Xbox One also includes an impressive 8-core x86 processor which not only makes games load and run faster, but also allows players to switch between gameplay and TV.  The included Blue-ray player makes games come alive.  Finally, Xbox Live promises to match gamers with appropriate partners for multi-playing games. In fact, proud players can broadcast their gamerscore to fellow players. For those switching from Xbox 360, Microsoft is porting gamertags to the new device.


Xbox One's personalization starts with a home screen that players customize themselves. The home screen creates a Windows 8-style setup for access to games, entertainment, and apps. In fact, users pin their favorite apps to their home screen and can jump between them or even snap two side-by-side. Additionally, gaming site Machinima has created a companion app that appears next to the game.  Machinima tracks the game being played and offers help videos for challenging parts. Finally, signing into Xbox Live allows users to access their home screen, therefore making games, movies, television or apps available from any console.


The new Xbox provides much more than a traditional gaming console.  Users can connect their satellite or cable directly to the device, and the HDMI pass-thru allows watching TV or a movie through the Xbox. Additionally, with the fusion of the gaming and Windows operating systems, gamers can watch TV, stream music or access their applications while playing a game. Likewise, the console allows three-way Skype calls and Skyping while watching TV. With Kinect, players can browse the internet using voice commands. Finally, the console promotes data about what gamers' friends and the general Xbox community find entertaining among TV shows and movies.

Innovative Features

As if the gaming, customization and entertainment features weren't unique enough, the new Xbox includes some truly innovative additions. The gaming controller gets an upgrade with precise trigger controls and auto-pairing through Kinect. Kinect itself features an expanded line of sight, sensitive touch controls, and a multi-microphone array with noise isolation. The addition of the cloud allows changes made during game play a permanent part of the landscape. Most significantly, Xbox SmartGlass pairs with smartphones and tablets to enable interaction between the console and the device. Users can use a touch device to navigate through the screens and even access additional content related to the game, movie or TV show.

In summary, buying the new Xbox is like buying a whole entertainment package.

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