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The Greatest Xbox One Games

Gamers are salivating at the prospect of the launch of the Xbox One console. This next-generation gaming system promises to up the ante for the quality of gaming. Players are already anticipating some of the most exciting games that will be offered on this new system. Here is a look at some of the titles that will be released with the launch of the Xbox One:

The Evil Within

This shooter game is one of the most highly-anticipated titles for the new generation of the Xbox. It is the creation of the iconic Shinji Mikami, who was responsible for Resident Evil. From early peeks at the game, it will scare the socks off of players. The audio and video combine to create a terrifying gaming experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Games with Clancy's name attached never fail to entertain fans of shooter games. The Division promises to be one of the best yet. It is based on real-life research that shows that the social order would collapse within five days of a major calamity. The scenario in the game is the aftermath of a global pandemic. Players are tasked with restoring order to a chaotic New York City. It is a very exciting game that will thrill players who like to enjoy a multiplayer gaming experience.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition

This RPG from Bioware looks like one of the most visually stunning titles to be released with the Xbox One. It takes advantage of the tremendous processing power of the console to create incredibly lush environments for players to explore. The game will allow players to import their saved files from the two previous versions of Dragon Age, making it a seamless transition between games.

The Crew

For fans of racing titles, The Crew will thrill them to the core. This is the most ambitious racing game ever released. Playing this game is a seamless gaming experience. Instead of having to load tracks to race, players can simply drive all over the United States. This is a seminal moment in racing game history. Players can play alone or they can team up in multiplayer action by forming crews.

Killer Instinct

This fighting game has stunning graphics and a lot of cool features. Of particular interest will be the multitude of combos that fighters can utilize. This creates very unique styles for the fighters that will keep Killer Instinct from growing old like many other fighting games have done in the past.


D4 is a murder mystery that is the first title to really explore the full potential of the Microsoft Kinect motion sensor. This is the closest to virtual reality yet released for play on a console. Players can actually close their fists to grab items in the game, which is a really cool experience. The game promises to make use of the Kinect in all kinds of unique ways and players will surely enjoy the unique gaming experience it offers.

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