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Unlock the Potential of an Xbox Console

Xbox Live Gold offers a premier experience to gamers on the Microsoft platform of consoles (Xbox 360, Xbox One). It has a huge array of features and perks that expand and refine the gaming experience for the player. Benefits include:

  • Online multiplayer gaming
  • Free games
  • Discounts on games
  • Cloud Storage
  • Gaming apps

Here's an in-depth look at some notable features Xbox Live Gold has to offer, as well as why it further unlocks the Xbox 360/One's potential.

Online Multiplayer

In order for players to against other gamers, an Xbox Live Gold membership is required. Multiplayer allows players to go head to head online to battle for a spot on the leaderboards or work together to take down an enemy. Multiplayer also comes with voice chat so players can interact with each other in real-time situations, plot out their own moves, or compare their stats. Online multiplayer allows you to build friend lists, from which you can choose from to create a private gaming session in certain games. With Xbox Live Gold, multiplayer unlocks a whole new dimension of playing.

Cloud Storage

Xbox Live Gold allows you to save games on a digital hard drive (the cloud) locked to your Gold account. Cloud storage isn't just limited to games, however. You can save:

  • Gamer profile
  • Achievements
  • Entertainment

The cloud can be accessed anywhere you sign into an Xbox console. Online storage offers you the ability to conserve space on the physical disk by letting you store everything on Microsoft's servers.

Upload Studio and Smart Match

Upload Studio allows players to edit their gameplay clips and share their videos with the entire Xbox community. It features over 140 effects to tweak the videos, as well as voice-over support and montages. Smart match is a multiplayer feature that picks an opponent for you based on skill, language, and reputation. It allows you to find people who play similar to you and make games a little more competitive.

Free Games & Discounts

Xbox Live Gold offers members up to 2 free games a month. Games are usually recent and fan-favorites, like Forza: Horizon or Metal Gear Solid V. Gold-only discounts are frequently offered, with members getting savings of 50-75% on select games and add-ons weekly.

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