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3 Tips to Make the Most of Steam Seasonal Sales

Every year, Valve puts on video game sales through its Steam platform. Their seasonal sales, particularly in the summer and winter, are when these deals are at their best. These events offer gamers an opportunity to purchase games at significantly discounted prices, often as much as 50 percent to 75 percent off. If you want to take advantage of these great discounts consider following these tips:

1) Plan Ahead for What You Want

If there are games that you are particularly interested in purchasing, make a note of them in advance of the sale. You can use Steam's wish list feature to make this easier. Watch these games throughout the sale to see when they are at their lowest prices.

Additionally, if you are on a budget, set a certain amount that you are willing to spend during the sale. With deals of so many great games, it is easy to spend more than you intend to if you don't keep track of your purchases.

2) Check Back Regularly for Daily Deals and Flash Sales

As soon as a seasonal sale starts, make a note of the end date. Try to check on the Daily Deals at least once a day for any of your wish list items. These discounts are announced in groups at 1 pm every day of the sale and last for 48 hours each. Generally, games that are part of the Daily Deals selection are discounted as deeply as they are going for that seasonal sale.

Another way to get maximum discounts on games during a Steam seasonal sale is to keep an eye on Flash Sales. These are shorter than their daily counterparts but feature equally low prices.

3) Take Part in Community's Choice

During Steam seasonal sales, Valve offers the community a way to participate in deciding which games will be discounted. The rules for this vary from a community vote to mini-games that users must complete to unlock deals. Make sure to participate in this part of the summer, winter, fall, and spring sales to ensure that the games you want go on sale.

By planning head, watching for the best deals, and taking part in the Community's Choice, you can ensure you get the most from the Steam Seasonal Sales.