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G2A: Your Source for Buying and Selling Games Cheaply and Securely is a website dedicated to providing discounted video game keys for both PC and Console titles. Discounts can be commonly found at up to 50% or more for current, next-gen titles. also offers discounted prices on software, gift cards, game subscriptions and extra content for games.

What separates G2A from other discounted game sites, is their security features, their charitable activities (including their participation with Save the Children), and their referral system, G2A Goldmine, which allows regular people to make their own money through G2A

All you have to do when you get to the website is search for your desired game, or browse the main page for current featured discounts. Once you find a game you want, you can browse a list of different sellers, who are all rated by each transaction they make. This seller list will also display the means of delivery, whether it is a digital key or a physical copy - you have the choice.

G2A accepts a number of forms of purchase, from credit cards to PayPal. They also offer a form of security called G2A Shield. For a nominal fee, your purchase will be guaranteed to be valid and working, or they will work with the seller to get it working, or return your purchase to you in full. It really is a great way to ensure customers feel good about their purchases

G2A Goldmine is a referral service that bloggers and internet personalities often use to refer others to current discounts. It is a simple process that only takes 10 minutes to complete, and allows anyone to put up a link to G2A that will fund their account whenever someone makes a purchase through it. It is a great way to monetize your website, while providing your viewers some great deals.

G2A also offers the option to donate to charities, whether through Goldmine or when making a purchase. They also donate 1 dollar per share of their Facebook page, which really shows dedication to a good cause.

Not only can you give to charity, but you can give to your friends, as well. G2A offers a gift card system that allows you to give an amount of up to 20 euros to a friend who can then use the money to purchase securely and at a huge discount.

G2A is one of the most popular websites for acquiring new software at a great price, and should definitely be the first stop for budget-minded gamers.