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Enjoy hundreds of PC and Mac video game titles on GamersGate

GamersGate is a Sweden-based digital video game distributor, offering titles for download to users running the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. One of GamersGate's major advantages over its competitors is the sheer number of games available through the service. Its game library offers nearly 5,000 titles, and the company has digital distribution deals with over 250 studios, including both major and independent game publishers. According to the company's website, GamersGate is the largest online video game distribution company in the world.

The History of GamersGate

GamersGate was originally owned and operated by the Stockholm, Sweden-based video game publisher Paradox Interactive, and was first launched in 2006. It was initially intended to serve as an online distribution platform for Paradox games which were not available for retail sale in certain countries. After the business model proved to be highly successful, Paradox entered into digital distribution deals with other video game publishers in order to expand its library.

Support for the Mac OS X operating system arrived midway through 2009, at which time GamersGate began to make PC and Mac versions of its games available to users. In addition to its massive and ever-expanding library of games, GamersGate was one of the first digital game distributors to offer exclusive online-only content for download.

A Client-Free Interface

One of the unique features of the GamersGate interface is that it offers users the ability to purchase and download games without needing to install a specialized piece of client software. Though the GamersGate model was initially exclusively available through a client, the company switched to a micro-download system in early 2009. Here is how the GamersGate micro-download system works:

  • When a user purchases a game, a small game-specific installer is downloaded along with the game content.
  • The installer manages the transfer of the game files from the server hosting the file to the user's computer.
  • When the game files have been installed on the end user's computer, the user has the option to delete the installer from his or her system.

The major advantage of this system is that it saves space on the user's hard drive. Not only is it unnecessary to dedicate space to the client software, but users can also free up the space taken up by the individual game installers once downloads have been completed.

Products and Pricing

All game titles are individually priced, with some regional variations in price point. Typically, prices range from about US$3 for classic titles to full standard retail prices for newly-released games from major game studios. Game title searches are sortable in four different ways:

  • The platform filters allow users to search for titles according to the type of computer they're using (PC, Mac or "guides only").
  • Genre filters allow users to search for titles by genre (including adventure, strategy, role-playing game, adventure, simulator, and content for children).
  • Availability filters allow users to sort results by "current availability" (for already-released titles) and "upcoming availability" (to find out when a new title will be available on the site).
  • Game feature filters allow users to find games with specific characteristics (such as single player games, multi-player games, auto-patching games and games in multiple languages).

Community Features

GamersGate also offers a GameTutor feature, in which players can find answers to questions they have about specific games or troubleshoot other gaming issues. The GameTutor interface is set up like a community forum, in which users post new topics via threads, which then track replies. Users are also able to maintain lists of their personal game libraries, track gaming milestones, and create game "wish lists" for titles they're trying to track down.