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Game Review: Super Smash Bro. 4

Super Smash Brothers 4 has over 30 years of history on one disc. It is a very approachable game because every brawler has the same button commands for special moves and attacks. Although controlling the characters is easy, gamers who want to master the moves must practice constantly.

The Game Mechanics

The levels in Super Smash Brothers are very detailed. The action is always intense because everything runs at 60 frames per second. For example, Mega Man's cannon blasts move quickly during big battles. Also, on the Mario Kart Circuit arena, there are tons of zero-gravity effects that change the flow of the brawl.

The highlight of the game is the combat, which can be experienced various ways. Gamers can control the brawlers with the Wii U Gamepad or with a GameCube controller during challenging duals. They can also have a brawl with four friends at once. Battling eight friends is also possible if everyone has the proper equipment.

Super Smash Brothers 4 has a fun story mode and various game modes. The Event mode has a nice training environment because it takes gamers on simple co-op and solo journeys. During one of the adventures, the goal is to keep other opponents off of a ship.

Most of the game modes offer rewards that can be unlocked. Although custom special moves are helpful, they can decrease the frame rate during huge brawls. The other rewards, however, are worth unlocking. The beautiful trophies and custom equipment will keep gamers busy for months.

Super Smash Brothers 4 is the first title that uses Nintendo's new toys called Amiibo. The figures are not included with the game. The toys are worth buying because they make the game more fun and interesting. Each figure gains experience and skill points during each battle. To completely train an Amiibo toy, gamers must investment at least three hours of training.

The Verdict

All aspects of Super Smash Brothers 4 are very fine-tuned, so this game is ideal for dedicated Nintendo fans. Because the title has so much content, gamers will find new ways to have fun until the next release date.