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TitanFall - To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Another game to hit the market in 2014, TitanFall is a multiplayer first-person shooter game published by EA and developed by Respawn Entertainment. The release date was March of 2014 and is compatible for both Microsoft Windows and Xbox One consoles. TitanFall was highly anticipated by its long-time franchise fans, but did it deliver? Here's an in-depth review of the game.

Game Style

In TitanFall, players assume the role of pilots and their gigantic robots, known as Titans. Players are pitted in a 6 vs 6 match that is set in an outer space terrain. Game mechanics are designed for fast-pace FPS action, supported by wall-running capabilities and populations of NPCs. Up to 50 players can be simultaneously engaged in any one single game. Any NPC activity is directed to Microsoft's cloud-based servers thus resulting in better performing local graphics.

Game Modes

Online multiplayer is the only available game mode in TitanFall, which may be an issue for players who have limited access to the Internet. The game does, however, incorporate single-player elements into the MMO play style including unique character dialogue, NPCs, and an immersive story line. The story is set following the campaign mission in the ancient alien ruins and training simulator maps.

In-Game Activity

There are two primary economies behind the game that are each finely balanced and very intuitive. The first one is an XP-based grind system that unlocks new equipment and rare cosmetics. Once you reach level 50, you will unlock more equipment sets, such as the Anti-Titan Grenade Launcher.

The second economy powers the Titan delivery mechanics for every match. This involves killing different classes of AI mobs to reduce the Titan deployment timer. The sooner and more often you can deploy your Titan, the more experience and equipment you can gain over time.

Map variation is another noteworthy feature of TitanFall. There are 15 unique maps you can choose from, all of which feature unique and interactive environmental elements. For instance, the barren desert style of the Boneyard map exposes players to zip lines that enhance player's travel time on the map while a background of flying dragon-like mobs offer an exhilarating and fun experience.

The Verdict

Although the game lacks single player campaigns, TitanFall is able to pull it off with its rich map variation, simple but engaging play style, and player customization that keeps the game refreshing regardless of how many hours you clock into it.