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What Makes a Game Bad?

While it is easy to talk about the top video games on the market, some people have a tougher time describing what makes a video game bad. While no video game designer sets out to make the worst game of the year, not all games can be great. Whether it is bad graphics, underdeveloped characters or a game with no action, there are many things that can sabotage a video game and its fun factor. The games that were released in 2014 were no exception, and there are a handful of games that are vying for the title of worst video game of the year. Read on to see if your least favorite game from 2014 made the cut-off.

Rambo: The Video Game

While Rambo may have made his return to the big screen, video game fans did not find his style of action to be all that appealing. The story behind Rambo simply does not resonate with today's game players, and the action was not on par with other shoot 'em up games that are available on today's top systems. Rambo simply did not do it for the younger game player.

Dungeon Keeper

Gamers did not fall in love with the idea of keeping their heroes safe from all of the evil creatures that were trying to find them, and this game was an absolute dud. This strategy game missed the mark for many players in 2014.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

This is a case where a lovable character overstayed his welcome. Gaming fans may be over the lovable blue hedgehog named Sonic. While some of the action scenes were okay, the overall game play leaves much to be desired.

Escape Dead Island

Escape Dead Island was dead on arrival due to the fact that is suffered from an originality standpoint. The graphics of the game were average at best, and the game was simply too difficult to beat in the eyes of many. While this game is polarizing, the overall consensus is that it was one of 2014's worst games.

SoulCalibur: Lost Swords

Those who played this game lost more than just their swords; they also lost their time and their patience with this boring game. Being only a single player game people expected it to impress, and this title failed to do that on multiple levels.