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The E-Gaming Gods: A Look at the World of MOBA Masters

The multiplayer online battle arena genre is among the hottest in all the world of video games. For the uninitiated, games of this type involve team battles using characters of a wide variety of abilities. There are buffing items that can be purchased as the characters earn in game money by killing computer controlled minions or enemy champions.

While the League of Legends can be played by anybody, the top levels of competition are reserved for the best in the world. Once a player reaches level 30, ranked play is unlocked. The lowest ranked level is bronze, and the highest is challenger. Different sections of the world are also divided up to allow for regional championships.

In North America, the NA LCS is the championship series. Teams from all across the region compete in playoffs against the best of the best. The playoff format is a best of five game series, and the top three teams can go on to play in the world championships.

For Chinese players, the championship series is known as the LPL, or LOL Pro League. They also play in their own regional championship using the same best of five as the other regions. Along with all the other regions, they have mid-season competitions and other challenges.

The last main region is Europe, with their championship series called the EU LCS. As with all the other top teams in the world, the players make a lot of money. Tech companies love sponsoring teams, because it is not only an advertisement, but they feel it gives them credibility in the gaming community.

While there are a number of ways to view the LOL playoffs, OGN is a popular online game channel and is the most viewed gaming channel in Korea. Playoff matches and ranked games involving the world's top ranked players can be seen on OGN. The LOL World Championship 2014 was available on OGN and featured an exciting match-up.

The finals featured Samsung Galaxy White versus Star Horn Royal Club. The Samsung team won 3-1, but their brother team, Samsung Galaxy Blue actually played against them in the semifinals. As League brass envisioned a possible final with two teams of the same sponsor playing each other, they have since limited sponsors so they can only support one team.

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