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Starcraft 2 Competition

Learning More About the Most Prestigious StarCraft 2 Competitions

When it comes to playing at a competitive level, StarCraft 2 stands alone in terms of the level of prizes and prestige players may be able to achieve. From informal RTS tournaments to huge international events such as the World Championship 2014 competition, there are countless opportunities for serious players and teams who are able to arrange for sponsorship and entry into the most prestigious competitions. Competitive play and tournaments where titles and prizes can be won offer the chance to test your skills against the best RTS players in the world.

Finding the Best Competitive Events

The balanced play and limitless strategies and tactics that can be employed have made Starcraft 2 competition-level events a major attraction throughout the industry. Players who have the skills and experience to do well in a tournament stand to benefit by learning more about the best opportunities, contests and tournaments. From officially sanctioned tournaments that will allow you access to a greater range of competitions in the future to less formal events that offer cash prizes to winners, there may be a greater range of options than you may have imagined.

Seeking a Formal Sponsor

As demonstrated by the World Championship 2014 competition, big events within the gaming industry can draw a great deal of attention. Obtaining the financial sponsorship that will allow you to more easily travel, arrange entry for a greater number of tournaments and competitions and ensure that teams are able to benefit from the potential advantages a sponsor may provide can be a key asset. Paying for your travel arrangements and entry fees out of pocket could limit your options and find you unable to achieve your full potential as a competition-level player.

Making the Leap to Competitive Play

Whether you have been perfecting your tactics for years or have just recently been able to perform the number of actions per minute needed to excel in competitive events, tournaments can provide an exciting and lucrative way to test your skills. Arranging entry into the most prestigious events or finding sanctioned tournaments and the sponsorship needed to attend them can be very rewarding. Serious players who are interested in the opportunities and challenges that competitive play has to offer would be wise to learn more about the potential rewards that competitive play may be able to offer.

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