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Everything You Need To Know About Twitch.TV

The problem of how to share your video game sessions live with the world was solved by the gaming only platform. Twitch is a streaming video service accessible to nearly anyone with a good Internet connection. You need to know just a few things about Twitch today.

The History of Twitch

Twitch started in 2011. It was a specialized branch of a much larger streaming service. The larger streaming service was attempting to deliver a broad range of content for viewers. Unfortunately, it ultimately failed. Twitch, however, continued on and became very popular. The latest figures show that there are nearly a million people broadcasting content on the service. That gaming only content is then view by over 100 million people a month. The service was purchased by Amazon in 2014 and expanded to include a subscription option for hard-core users.

Content That Is Available is a gaming only service. All of the content that is available is related to gaming in some way. There are live play sessions of popular games. Some people broadcast how to win a game from start to finish. There is an active selection of people broadcasting the fastest speed runs through famous titles. Some online games and developers broadcast live events. You are also going to see coverage of professional gaming competitions and conventions. There are even talk shows and interviews with developers on the streaming platform.

Broadcasting Through Twitch

Anyone can broadcast through twitch after making an account first. The primary way to do this is by using a free broadcast application. Several different programs exist. There are some apps for mobile devices. The software will broadcast everything you are seeing and hearing within the game window. Viewers can experience this live or could watch it later as a recorded archive on Twitch. Your broadcast is going to contain some advertising that you cannot control. Viewers will see the ads during the stream and in the surrounding page.

Premium Turbo Service

The latest addition to is a premium subscription service. You pay a certain amount each month to have a better experience. This is known as the Twitch Go Turbo plan. Paying the monthly fee will remove the advertising while watching a stream. You also get to personalize you chat text color. Subscribers get unique emoticons to use as well. This is all in addition to priority customer support when facing technical problems. The Go Turbo plan is really for power users and broadcasters.

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