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Building Your Gaming Computer

Main Steps on Building a Gaming Computer

Choose your parts. This often involves doing a fair amount of research on what kind of gaming computer you want to build. You will want something that has recently released, that is something newer. Do not choose parts that are going to fail to get your games running at low performance or fail to meet your expectations. The money here is everything if you want higher-end parts. Choose the bleeding edge of parts for the best performance. This will ensure a longer lifespan of the games you will play. The software/games will play at a higher frame per second, and therefore be more enjoyable.

If you have never put together a computer, then it can be a bit of a challenge at first. Gathering all the parts and putting it together can be a bit of a research effort to the new user and computer builder. It takes a bit of time to learn the cabling and how to put the thermal grease between the CPU and heatsink, for example.

As far as compatibility, make sure the CPU matches the motherboard in form factor. Make sure the RAM matches this compliance as well. All three of these are the most important to ensure compatibility. Other parts necessary for a successful build are RAM, solid state hard drive, and fans for the case and the CPU heatsink.

Selecting OS, and installing an OS, or operating system, should be easy. Go with the latest. Most of today's games run very well with Windows 8.1. Windows 10, however, may provide the bleeding edge of graphics in certain games, as it includes the newest DirectX version. Windows 10 would be the best choice for a brand new system.

You will also want a newer video card with high-end capabilities to match up with the rest of the system for "eye candy". This will provide the best gaming experience with high resolution and frame rate. You also need a higher-end power supply to provide enough power to keep the stability of the system up; no gaming computer is complete without a good power supply to keep up with full load during intense gaming! Good speakers and headphones will complete the experience to ensure a great time playing games!

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