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Popular PC Game Genres

While many people have heard of the top PC games, knowing the different genres of PC games can be confusing. Video games are creative works, and innovation in PC gaming is spurred by the platform's open standards and free access to professional-caliber tools. Here is an overview of some of the most popular PC games genres:

Office Games

Perhaps the most popular genre of PC games is the so-called office games. These games, many of which are included after the purchase and download of Microsoft Windows 7 or 8, are designed to be simple distractions for those who need a mental break. Solitaire is a popular example, and the fact that most people know how to play it with cards helps its popularity. Minesweeper has no analog counterpart, but its simple rules make it a popular time-waster for office workers.

Web-Based Games

Office games are popular partially because they come pre-installed on most computers, and their easy access makes them convenient. Web games can be played using any web browser, making them accessible with just a few clicks. These games also tend to be simple, which has helped fuel their popularity. Web-based games can also be accessed on some social networking sites. There are some who solely use their Facebook log in for playing games such as Farmville. Both web games and office games appeal to the mass section of people who qualify as "casual" gamers, and they tend to get less press than those who play more in-depth games.

First-Person Shooters

Beginning with Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, first-person shooter, or FPS games, remain a staple of PC gaming. While they also have a major presence on consoles, the keyboard and mouse interface is widely considered to be the most effective way to control your character. These games remain popular at competitions, and new releases from top game companies garner a considerable amount of press attention. Despite being derided as violent, theses games require tactical and strategic skill and knowledge of play well.

Real-Time Strategy Games

RTS games are perhaps the most strategic games on the market today. Players must acquire resources to build their cities or bases, and they must research technologies to build their infrastructure and military. Most games require winning battles against opponents, and these games excel in multi-player settings. Many elements of these games have become parts of other game genres.

Role-Playing Games

While many people associate role-playing games with consoles, their roots come from PC gaming. Furthermore, the Internet has cause a boon in their popularity in recent years. Massively multi-player online role-playing games, or MMORPGs, are some of the most popular and lucrative online games, and their subscription services are major revenue sources for large companies. Requiring strategy, teamwork, and patience, these games and renowned for their addictive qualities.

Gaming is always changing, and independent game developers promise to bring new innovation to the field. Still, the most popular games are developed in well-known genres, and the innovations within genres can be somewhat subtle. For those who enjoy PC gaming, exploring new genres can lead to fun and excitement.

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