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What to Know About RAM

Important Points About RAM

Many people do not have an adequate amount of RAM, because they don't understand it. With some simple knowledge, you can determine how much RAM will meet your needs, learn how to get it, and understand the different types of RAM available.

What Is It?

RAM is an acronym that stands for random access memory. This is a type of computer memory that can be accessed without touching the preceding bytes. In other words, RAM is a type of computer storage that allows data items to be accessed regardless of the physical location of data. RAM can be thought of as a form of virtual memory that a computer uses when not using its hard drive. Data that is stored on external media such as DVDs or disks, by contrast, varies in speed depending on the location of the storage media. Generally, the more RAM a system has, the faster users can access data, although more RAM does not always mean a device will be faster.

Types of RAM

RAM comes in two main forms: DRAM and SRAM. DRAM, or dynamic RAM, stores data with a transistor and capacitor pair in a single memory cell. The capacitor holds a high or low charge and the transistor allows circuitry to read the capacitor's state of charge or change it. Dynamic RAM is less expensive that SRAM and, as a result, it is more commonly used as computer memory in modern devices.

SRAM, or static RAM, stores data using a six transistor memory cell. Static RAM typically has a faster memory speed than Dynamic RAM and it also requires less power. It is more expensive than DRAM, and in most modern computers it is used as cache memory for the computer's central processing unit.

How Much RAM Do You Need?

How much RAM you need varies depending on what you use your device for. For example, someone who uses their computer mainly for word processing requires far less RAM than someone who plays a lot of high definition videos. Most typical computer users today do not require more than 4GB of RAM. If you will be using your computer for exceptionally complex or large tasks, you may want to consider consulting a professional before selecting the RAM for your device.

With this knowledge, you will be able to find the RAM you need easily. Keep these things in mind when making your next technology purchase and you will be more satisfied with the performance of your product choice.

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