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PC Gaming On the Go Innovations Keep Industry Moving Forward

New developments in PC gaming on the go hardware and software are allowing mobile PC gaming enthusiasts to enjoy high quality games when they are on the road. In the past, PC gaming enthusiasts were limited compared to the elaborate computer setups they had at home.

Many home PC gamers utilize complicated computer rigs with cutting-edge controllers and powerful monitors. Now mobile PC gaming hardware is catching up with their desktop counterparts. Here is a look at the latest developments to see where this exciting segment of the gaming industry is heading.

Mechanical Keyboards

MSI is a leading PC gaming hardware manufacturer. At recent major computer exhibitions, they displayed new notebook computers specifically designed for mobile PC gaming. These laptops have subtle differences from normal laptops that make them ideal for PC gaming on the go.

For example, many PC gamers prefer mechanical keyboards rather than the thin, modern keyboards on standard laptops. The reason is they believe mechanical keyboards offer better feel and control. In addition, MSI packed in double the graphics power in their gaming laptops to handle the incredible demand on computer resources that computer gaming devour.

Mobile Graphics Amplifier

Likewise, Alienware produces laptops specifically designed for PC gaming on the go. Utilizing the latest Intel core processors and high-end graphics cards, this company has received awards for their innovative mobile PC gaming solutions.

For example, they created the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, which provides additional graphics performance in a mobile unit. It supplies desktop graphics processing power by simply connecting the unit to a laptop or notebook with a single cable.

Graphics Switching

Well-known PC gaming computing company Razer has also designed a line of premium laptops for PC gaming on the go. For example, the Razer Blade line of laptops received a PC Magazine award for their strength in ultraportable gaming. The units use the GeForce GTX 970M graphics card that includes 3GB of video RAM. The machines automatically switch between NVIDIA graphics and the onboard Intel graphics, providing the perfect balance of performance and battery life.

These are just a few of the innovations in the world of PC portable gaming. The excitement in the mobile PC gaming niche is palpable. Companies are squeezing every drop of performance, speed and fun out of the laptop form factor they can. Some observers said PC gaming on the go was losing steam, but these products indicate the category is on the rise.

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