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Phone and Tablet Gaming

Computer games for portable and handheld devices

With major technological advances creating faster, more powerful and ever-smaller electronics, the phone and tablet gaming market has really taken off in the past few years. While all cell phones, smartphones and tablets come with a limited number of built-in games, they are generally pretty simple and straightforward options that don't have a whole lot to offer in terms of sustained interest. Whether you're a commuter looking for something fun to do during your subway ride or just someone who wants more entertainment options on-the-go, now is a great time to discover a whole new world of phone and tablet gaming possibilities.

Gaming Tablets

Just how far has phone and tablet gaming come? Technology companies are now creating tablets specifically designed for gaming. Known as "gaming tablets," one of the leading companies working in this field is Archos, whose GamePad tablets have taken the market by storm. Widely considered the benchmark for the rest of the gaming tablet industry, Archos's GamePad devices feature powerful, fast processors, enhanced graphics cards, and a wide range of hardware features that, up until a few years ago, were only seen in top-of-the-line laptops.

With quick and reliable Internet connectivity, gaming tablets offer a mobile version of PC gaming that may not offer quite the same range of options but is quickly catching up. These lightweight, portable devices give you access to tens of thousands of game titles and are an excellent option if you're serious about gaming on-the-go.

Cell Phone and Smartphone Gaming

With Internet connectivity now a standard feature on cell phones and smartphones, it's easier than ever to access a world of game content. Add apps to the equation and suddenly, you have a library of titles that closely competes with what's available through gaming tablets.

However, smartphone gaming appears poised to take the next step, with a new generation of Android-based gaming consoles set to hit the market. These smartphone-oriented gaming consoles have powerful connectivity features and hardware specs that rival what you'll find in a top-of-the-line gaming tablet, and use wireless controllers to create a connection between your phone and the game you're playing. While this technology is still in its relative infancy, cell phone and smartphone gaming is poised to take a major leap forward in the coming years.

Create a Game Yourself

While it certainly helps to have advanced technical and computer programming expertise if you want to design your own game, there are plenty of online resources that can help you even if you're relatively inexperienced. The basic steps involved with creating your own game include:

  • Genre selection. The seven most popular gaming genres include shooter games, puzzle games, racing games, endless runner games, role-playing games, adventure games and platformer games.
  • Platform selection. Next, you need to settle on a platform over which your game will be played and distributed. Essentially, your options are Android or iPhone, though Microsoft has launched its own smartphone brand and BlackBerry seems intent on remaining a player in the handheld digital device market.
  • Create the basic game design. Decide on an objective for the game and settle on a gameplay or strategy approach.
  • Build out the game world. Expand the possibilities and create a gaming landscape that will really challenge players and differentiate your game from the others on the market.
  • Program your game. Unless you have advanced computer programming training, you're going to need some help making your game a reality. If you really believe in your game's concept, you can hire a professional gaming programmer to help you with this step.
  • Refine your game. Create test versions and prototypes, and play them until you've seen every single game possibility you've created. Iron out the kinks, refine your programming, and when you're ready, you can take your game to buyers and distributors to see if it generates interest.
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