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There is a reason that Apple is one of the most successful tech companies in the world. It has consistently delivered quality products that are innovative in design, and sales reflect that. There is always something new and exciting on the Apple horizon, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, Mac or even Apple mobile gaming. If you are looking for a new device or apps at the iTunes App Store, it is worth knowing all the latest details behind the Cupertino, California company's moves.

The latest iPhone offerings by Apple were just released at a mere month ago. The 5S and 5C are both great devices that provide you with the best and latest iPhone experience. The former is the new flagship, while the latter is generally a repeat of the iPhone 5 in a colorful plastic body. The 5S is available in black and space grey, white and silver or white and gold and includes a fingerprint scanner that unlocks the phone without the user having to swipe the unlock button across the touchscreen. Naturally, all of the new phones include the retina display that Apple has made so famous. The devices are available through all of the major wireless carriers or can be purchased unlocked directly from Apple.

The iPad 5 is highly anticipated and expected to be released at any day. It is a return to the 9.7 inch screen with Retina display that should appeal to a large number of consumers. It is also said to be thinner and smaller in spite of the screen size. Of course, it will be powered by the latest Apple mobile operating system, iOS 7. However, it is a departure from previous generations in that it will have a redesigned form factor, improved processor that is faster and more powerful, and having color choices of black and space grey and white and silver. The newest iPad will have a few things in common in terms of design with the mini version from last year as the bezels will be considerably smaller and slimmer. Inside, there will be a brand new A7X chip and an increased amount of RAM. An 8-megapixel rear-facing camera will allow users to snap even better quality photos, including those taken in low light conditions. You might even be able to take high enough photos that you can consider stock photography. Checking out websites such as shutterstock, istockphoto, etc. you can check out some of the royalty free stock photos to see if you could produce the same quality or better quality photos.

Every single day, there are plenty of great new additions to the App Store. Many of the apps you can find are exclusive to Apple for a low price of 99 cents. However, what should make you happy is that the vast majority of these are released as free on launch day or a free version eventually becomes available.

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