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Discover the G-Cluster cloud gaming platform

The evolution of cloud computing has created new possibilities for the distribution of video games and related entertainment content. G-Cluster is one of the companies leading the charge. As the original developer of cloud-based "gaming on demand" technology, G-Cluster targets owners of Internet-connected gaming consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The company uses IPTV technology for its services, which it first introduced in 2005. Today, G-Cluster uses IPTV set-top receivers to connect its customers to its cloud-based game library.

How Cloud Gaming Works

Cloud gaming leverages one of two different types of content sharing technologies:

  • Video streaming allows end users to play games which are physically stored on a server, giving them access to games that their own computers don't need the capabilities to play, since computing tasks all take place at the server end
  • File streaming allows end users to download game files, which they can begin playing after only 5 to 10 percent of the file is actually downloaded; the rest of the download completes as the user plays the game, creating a seamless play experience

Both technologies allow users to enjoy an extremely wide range of video games while minimizing the demands on their own computer's resources. Many industry insiders believe that cloud gaming will revolutionize the video game distribution industry in the years ahead, as cloud computing technologies become increasingly powerful and affordable.

The Rise of G-Cluster

According to G-Cluster's official website, the company is not only the first and largest provider of cloud gaming technology, but its services are also the most scalable and reliable. Users can access G-Cluster's game library through any Internet-connected device, including gaming consoles, smart TVs, personal computers, tablets and smartphones. G-Cluster's game library includes both casual games as well as AAA-rated, newly-released, premium titles from major gaming studios.

Here is an overview of G-Cluster's evolution as a service provider, presented in chronological order:

  • 2000 -- GameCluster was founded in Finland, under the name Oy Gamecluster Ltd.
  • 2001 -- The company demonstrates its proprietary platform game streaming technology using a wireless Internet connection and a Compaq computer system during an industry conference in Los Angeles
  • 2003 -- Oy Gamecluster Ltd. partners with Broadmedia Corporation to roll out beta testing of its digital game distribution model
  • 2004 -- Broadmedia uses G-Cluster's unique technology to initiate beta testing on the world's first pay-per-use on-demand gaming service
  • 2005 -- Broadmedia purchases Oy Gamecluster Ltd.
  • 2008 -- Broadmedia begins to operate its cloud gaming services as a separate company under the name G-Cluster
  • 2010 -- G-Cluster licenses its game distribution technology to Broadmedia and launches a major on-demand gaming service
  • 2013 -- The G-Cluster on-demand gaming service expands into worldwide markets

G-Cluster's Digital Distribution Partners

While the company plans to expand its distribution range to include niche studios and independent game developers in the years to come, it is currently focused on forging partnerships with major game producers to help its services reach the largest possible base of users. Some of the companies that have formalized a digital distribution partnership with G-Cluster include:

  • Ubisoft
  • Warner Brothers
  • Pop Cap
  • Codemasters
  • Mumbo Jumbo
  • Focus
  • Disney

Through its proprietary white-label platform, any device linked to G-Cluster's IPTV set-top box is immediately turned into a cloud-connected game library. Hundreds of game titles are currently available through the G-Cluster service, with new titles being added on an ongoing basis.

G-Cluster is currently working to expand its lineup of digital distribution gaming partnerships, as well as its portfolio of media operations partners. Look for G-Cluster to become a diverse, dynamic, and exciting provider of cloud gaming content in the years ahead.

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