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Most Addictive Apps of 2014

With millions of apps to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming deciding exactly what software we want on our Android and iOS devices. Here is a look at some of the best entertainment, productivity, game, and email apps of 2014.

Yahoo News Digest

The app store has tens of thousands of options for news, but few are as user-friendly and informative as Yahoo News Digest. Once downloaded, users can set preferences such as when they would like alerts and what news they are interested in. The app will then collect the leading stories in those categories and forward them to your phone twice a day.

Microsoft Outlook

This program is not only compatible with all Apple and Android devices, but it can also be integrated with practically every email service imaginable. It has a variety of new features such as auto-filtering for spam and customizable tabs that will bring up the contacts that you email the most. Users can also sync their Outlook account with their Dropbox or Google Drive account to automatically save and store files.


If you have trouble remembering names and information about people that you have just met, then Humin is the app for you. This ingenious program ties phone numbers to basic information about that specific contact. You can then search through your contacts by their phone number, the date that you met them, where they work, mutual friends, or even keywords that you have put in place.


While Nova is currently only available for Android phones, it is another app that is changing the way we interact with our smartphones. Nova allows users to customize almost every facet of their phone in order to make it as ergonomic and eye-catching as possible. With the free version, you can make minor changes such as the font and background color of your phone. The paid version removes all advertising and offers even more customization options.

Kids Place

A smartphone filled with addictive games is a great way to keep your children entertained, but all parents should be wary about exactly what their kids can access. Kids Place allows you to set parental controls on every app in the phone. Without the correct access code, children will only see specific apps and not be allowed to make any purchases. They will also not be able to contact any other parties through private messages and a time limit can be set for all games.

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