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Portable Gaming: How the Younger Generation Rolls

The history of family trips has evolved immensely over the years. Family trips used to consist of forced conversations and "road games," bad car music, and way-too-frequent bathroom breaks. Portable gaming is the new way to travel for the younger generation. Children and parents are finding themselves stocked with tiny gaming systems and large collections of the miniscule games that go with them.

What is Portable Gaming?

Card games are an excellent example of a game that travelers can carry, but it isn't an example of portable gaming. The portable gaming sector of toys consists of small versions of the popular home-based gaming systems such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Wii. The portable versions of the gaming systems include mini-units like the Nintendo 3DS XL and Sony PSP. They are handheld units that children can play anywhere without having to burden their arms or their parents.

Why Should Parents Invest In a Portable Gaming System?

Parents have many reasons to invest in a small gaming system. First, they can entertain their children during brief periods when they need to take care of other obligations. For example, a parent may need a break when it's time to make dinner or wash clothes. A little 3DS or PSP is the perfect companion for that time when no additional eyes are available.

Gaming systems can help the children to get brain exercise and conditioning, as well. They can improve their hand-eye coordination, and they can enhance their memories and learn to think on their toes. Strategic games and puzzle games are excellent for little over thinkers. Parents can learn to play games with their children, as well. They can have fun for an hour every day! In fact, the long battery life might make fun last for eight hours.

What if Parents Are on a Budget?

Typically, a new gaming system costs more than $100, but thrifty parents can try several avenues for discount and second-hand items. Coupons, promotional codes and sales can help with the pricing. Reward programs can assist, as well. Parents can shop at alternative sites such as flea markets and thrift shops, but they will not have a guarantee or warranty on the device.

Portable Gaming