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Is the 2DS Nintendo worth $130?

The 2DS Nintendo is a healthy, kid friendly alternative to the 3DS, but is it an affordable option for parents everywhere?

Nintendo took the world by surprise in 2011 when they released the world's first handheld game console with 3D capabilities, the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, the device's 3D screen raised concern with parents that the 3D screen could harm their children's eyes. Although Nintendo issued assurances that limited exposure to the feature would not cause damage, this concern dissuaded many parents who were looking for a safer device.

Safety concerns didn't bother most die-hard Nintendo fans but the loss of confidence from many parents led to less than desirable launch sales especially at a price of $250. When Nintendo reduced the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price to only $170 they did experience a higher number of sales from consumers who had been holding out for a cheaper copy. Some parents, however still questioned whether it was an affordable device for their budgets.

In 2013, however Nintendo released the 2DS Nintendo, a handheld console with the same hardware as the 3DS, but without the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS. The 2DS was still quite capable of playing normal 3DS games, but only without the added 3D experience.

The 2DS's was more kid friendly than before as well. In addition to the removal of 3D, 2DS features included a more durable design. The removal of the central hinge meant your DS was no longer at risk of breaking in half if it fell the wrong way. Although the 2DS was somewhat bulkier and harder to store, it is lighter than its 3D cousin. Although the bulkiness might be a problem for someone carrying it to work, it would perform perfectly well in a child's backpack. Many reviewers also considered the 2DS more comfortable to hold than the regular 3DS and its larger buttons are certainly more child friendly.

An additional improvement of the 2DS Nintendo was a longer battery life than the 3DS. The device is estimated to last 3-5.5 hours of 3DS games or 5-9hrs of legacy DS games on a single charge, perfect for long car rides or plane flights.

The most appealing feature of the 2DS however, was its affordability. The 2DS cost only $130 compared to the 3DS's $170. This price reduction means the 2DS is certainly worthwhile to consider. If you're looking for a durable, kid friendly and affordable alternative to the 3DS, the 2DS Nintendo certainly fits the bill.

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