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Nintendo 3DS

Grab a 3DS for Your Kid on the Fly!

Many parents wonder what to buy their children in this age of constantly evolving technology. Not all parents can keep up with the latest releases. Some of them need to grab affordable items that can make their children smile despite the small price tag. The Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console with a modest price tag and a wealth of benefits.

Parents can find a 3DS in a wide variety of locations. Retail stores, online shops, flea markets and yard sales may carry Nintendo's tiny masterpiece. A parent will surely get bang-for-buck performance out of the unit. The 3DS price ranges from $50 (older model) to $200 +, and consumers receive:

A Battery That Keeps Going After the Kids Are sleep

Nintendo claims that the battery life on the 3DS is good for up to eight hours. That's long enough for a relaxing trip or a night's sleep. The 3DS battery lasts longer than some of the top cell phones on the market. The consumer can try to preserve the battery's life by cutting off Wi-Fi when he or she isn't using it.

A Short-Term Digital Babysitter

It's never good to leave a child in front of a gaming system without supervision, but the 3DS can be quite helpful during emergencies. An example of an emergency is an unexpected phone call. The child will most likely not interrupt the parent's phone call because he or she will be focused on the Nintendo system. Portable gaming systems can entertain a hyperactive child, as well. The visual and audible stimulation that the child receives from the unit can keep him or her occupied for a few minutes while the parent grabs something to eat.

Exclusive Access to the Fun Database

The StreetPass feature is a feature that allows 3DS owners to download and share games between each other. They can connect to the Internet at various Street Pass locations, as well. The unit can act as the owner's personal computer. Furthermore, it can receive email messages and go to various websites, which is great because children love to explore.

What Are You Waiting For?

An interested parent can visit a local store and get a feel for the unit. The 3DS is a tiny device that is just the right size for discreet game carrying and hiding. The parent just has to make sure it's not in the child's backpack on the first day of school.

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