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Sony PSP

Features of the Sony PSP

The PlayStation Portable was Sony's first handheld gaming device and was originally released in 2005. While all support for it was officially discontinued in December of 2014, it remains a popular portable gaming device thanks to its robust library, a continuing trickle of new releases and the ease with which homebrew software can be developed and run on it.

PSP Models

There are three variations of the main PSP, numbered 1000 through 3000. There are also two lower-priced variants with slightly more limited functionality: the PSP Go and the PSP-E1000.

  • The 1000 to 3000 series are sometimes referred to as the "fat" PSP. These are the full-featured models, and there are small differences between them. The 2000 is lighter and slimmer than the original release, and also has double the internal memory and a brighter LCD screen. The 3000 has an even better LCD screen and added a microphone and the ability to use a composite cable to connect to a television or monitor for output.
  • The PSP Go is a smaller model that excludes the UMD drive used for running physical disc media, but adds 16 GB of internal storage memory for storing games downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Memory sticks can still be used for increased storage space, but the Go requires the Memory Stick Micro rather than the Memory Stick Duo more commonly used in the larger versions.
  • The PSP-E1000 is a budget model only released in markets outside of Japan and the United States. It is very similar to the mainline PSP systems but cuts Wi-Fi support and the microphone as well as including only a mono speaker in order to cut production costs.

The battery life generally improves with the newer models, but should run for at least four to five hours on a full charge with any model if the capacity has not yet degraded.


In addition to playing games, the PSP comes packed with a Web browser, a remote streaming interface with the PlayStation 3, a digital comics reader and the ability to play movies. The system also includes VoIP functionality using Skype with the versions that have microphones.

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